Russian Mualvis Facebook! What are its features and very important how to get a Russian account on Facebook


Russian Facebook account ? A puzzle in the Facebook world and a lot of Arabic and Western content are talking about it. What is Russian Facebook, what does it distinguish from ordinary Facebook, and how do I get it? In this topic we will answer all three questions. is your Facebook account like any other account but we will use a Russian email to register the new account. There are many advantages that made him the leader of the ordinary account.
What are the advantages of the Russian Facebook account The characteristic of the ordinary account is that there are good features in the Russian account which made me distinguish from the normal account

1. You can send more than 300 friend requests a day without a ban : 19659002]

A great thing for anyone who wants to get a lot of friends and is afraid of the ban or anyone who wants charity to promote the AFLET offers and CAP offers
2 – Do not stop payments: Everyone who works in Facebook ads to promote the page or offers or fans of Facebook games who suffer from the cessation of payments in their account can not buy from your Facebook account and this is not Good but with the Russian Facebook you will not be afraid of your payments from the suspension.
3. No one can think of it: this does not mean that you are protected from 100% treachery [19] but it means hard-to-remember and highly unlikely.
You can change your name on Facebook more than once: Good feature Change Your name more than once without prolapse 60 days to change your name again
5. Registration without Request confirmation of phone number: Many want to work Facebook account but have a problem in the phone number because it has one phone chip and do another account.
There is a lot (19459003) [19490001] [19490001] The way of obtaining it

We will know how you can make a Russian account by registering at the Russian post. Of course the site in Russian so you have to enter the following link is in the English language:
View the picture of how to register and make an account:

1 – First Name

Family Name

4. Select a gender: male or female
5. Choose your name to become your mail this way [email protected] with a name change with the name you chose
6 – Type the password The word must be of numbers and letters, large and small such as QDqd588

7. Rewrite the password 8. Phone number What is necessary

Then press the sign Up

Congratulations now. Go to Facebook and create a new account with Russian email and after working the account will not ask you a number and do not need to change the state via VPN
After registration in Facebook Go to Russian mail You will find a message from Facebook to confirm Your Mail Click Confirm Your Account and Tell you the Russian Account

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